You Can Make the Prettiest Christmas Celebration With Just a Few Old Branches!

When you get some branches and some string, you can make a beautiful decoration from it! Only a few more days until Christmas day are here! Have you completely the arrangement to decorate your home yet or are you still in search for that extra little festive cheer to spruce things up with? Then, you should worry no more as we’ve definitely gone a little crazy with candles, lights and other decoration – and then there is the Christmas tree, of course.


It is the shining centre of your home, but you shouldn’t forget about the rest of your apartment. You can simply make a festive ambience in every nook and cranny of your home. Also, there are no insane colours and hysterical lights; you can keep it very subtle and classy with natural colours if you wish to. We crafted this beautiful decoration for the first time last year and we kind of willing to keep it around for the entire year! You only need a few cheap and simple things to make it happen.


·        Branches of different lengths

·        String

·        Christmas lights

·        Scissors

·        Baubles of your preference (Optional)

How to do it:

You firstly need to place the branches on the table, ordered by size: place the longest one at the bottom and the shortest one at the top. Firmly tie the string to the edge of the biggest branch and work your way up like this, until you are at the smallest branch (simply take a look at the video below to see how to tie the strings). The moment you are at the top, make your way down the other side with more knots. Weave the Christmas lights through the branches and you have got yourself a lovely Christmas tree to hang on the wall! You can also add baubles to if you desire.

You can watch this video for easy instructions:

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