This Trick Could Help You Remove a Ring that’s Stuck on Your Finger without Breaking It

This particular tip is provided by a medical doctor which can help people do the trick. We have all been there: it is not necessarily important to take off one of your rings before bed or simply when you are trying it on at a store and then…it won’t come off again. Our heart always skips a beat when that happens. Most often, we manage to get the ring off after a little bit of wriggling, but in some cases, it just seems to be completely stuck. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that might just be able to help you with this problem.

This doctor has the handiest tip for when you have a ring stuck on your finger!


There are quite a few people who love wearing their rings for so long that they no longer know whether they have been able to take off again. However, sometimes it is necessary to take off jewellery, for example, at customs at an airport or before surgery, or simply when it starts to pinch. Indeed, it is a waste if you will have to cut off the ring, especially if it is a ring with emotional value attached to it such as an engagement or wedding ring. Fortunately, a doctor came up with a trick that will help deal with stuck rings.


The requirement for this trick is just an elastic band or a thin piece of string that is a little bit stretchy. Just tie the elastic band around your finger tightly, just above the top knuckle and then make your way down to the ring, wrapping the elastic around your finger tightly. This process will make you feel uncomfortable because the elastic is pressing down swollen tissue. By the time you reach the ring, endeavor to poke the end of the elastic through the ring with the use of a pair of tweezers. Gently pull this end of the elastic so it will spiral loose from your finger again. You will realize that the ring will easily come for it. When you use this trick, you will have no reason to cut off a ring anymore!

Watch this video below to see the trick in action:

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