This is why you should never throw away an empty tube of sunscreen

That empty tube of sunscreen can still come in handy!

If we know something about sunscreen, it is that we should apply it when the sun is out. In fact, we should also apply sunscreen even when the sun’s rays aren’t direct. Indirect rays from the sun can still damage your skin. Is your bottle of sunscreen empty? Do not throw it away! The tube has some secret uses.

From now on, you will never throw away that empty tube of sunscreen again!


We know that everyone is aware of the dangers of the sun, but we want to point out once again that you must apply sunscreen almost every day and throughout the day. Especially in the summer, when the sun is strong, it is important to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays. It goes without saying that you should apply it to your face, but do not forget to protect your eyelids and ears from the sun as well. It is also wise to use a special balm for your lips because they, too, can burn.

Extra sunscreen

Do you think your bottle of sunscreen is empty? It might not be. Before you put the bottle in the trash bin, check it for cream—a lot of it usually remains in the bottle. When you cut open the side of the tube, there could be enough left for a few more uses. It makes a difference because a bottle of good quality sunscreen is not cheap.

Don’t throw that empty bottle away.

Store things

In addition, the empty tube can still come in handy on the beach or at the swimming pool. Did you cut the bottle open on the side or bottom, just like we said above? Then make sure all the cream has been removed from the tube.

If you leave your towel to take a refreshing dip in the water, you naturally want your precious things to stay safe, such as keys, money and telephone. This is exactly where that empty tube of sunscreen comes in handy! You can easily store all your precious things in this empty tube and nobody will think that valuable things are stored in this! Handy, right?

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