The mother of 22-year-old Jonathan is always mistaken for his girlfriend

The woman seems to have been drinking from the fountain of eternal youth

Many mothers with adult children like it when they can credibly look five years younger. However, the mother of 22-year-old Jonathan seems almost as young as her son. On social media, people are surprised that the woman with whom Jonathan poses is his mother, not his girlfriend.

Jonathan praises Asian genes for the youthful characteristics of his mother.

Youthful mother

A mother who looks so young that she is often mistaken for her son’s girlfriend. It will not seem familiar to many, but 22-year-old Jonathan Nguyen from America is an exception. People regularly think his mother – who is in her forties – is his girlfriend or sister.

‘The secret’

In an Australian Facebook group, Jonathan talks about his mother and her youthful appearance. Her secret? According to the son, her young appearance is due to her genes, but she also follows a strict diet. She eats few carbohydrates, lots of healthy fats and avoids processed food.

The users of the group in which Jonathan posted his message can hardly believe that Jonathan’s mother is really his mother. “She’s gorgeous. I thought she was your girlfriend. I thought to myself, “What a beautiful couple,” someone writes. Another thinks that Jonathan’s mother could easily have been his sister.

Source: Metro | Image: Unsplash

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