Multifunctional: 9 Situations in Which Toothpaste Can Be Incredibly Useful

There are several things you can use toothpaste for. We all use toothpaste to brush our teeth but are you aware that there are other more useful tips you can use it for? Those pearly whites benefit from this stuff, but other things around your house can too. This is yet another product that is helpful for different functions than a lot of people think. When you have read through our list of 9 alternative uses, you will never look at that tube of toothpaste the same again!

You will be amazed by the multifunctionality of a simple tube of toothpaste!

1.     It can make your jewellery shine again: Are you aware that your jewelry like diamond rings can shine once again when you brush them with a soft toothbrush and a little bit of toothpaste? You can also use this trick for your silver jewellery. Afterwards, rinse the jewellery with water and let it dry.

2.     Get rid of pimples or mosquitoes bites: When you rub a little bit of toothpaste on a mosquito bite or pimple before you go to bed and leave it on there the whole night, you will realize a big difference the next morning. They will have become a lot smaller already. Don’t forget to rinse the spot in question with a bit of warm water the next morning.

3.     Remove dye residue from your hair: In case you have just dyed your hair but there is still a bit of dye residue left behind near your hairline. It can be difficult to get rid of this, but not if you use a little bit of toothpaste. You will only brush it away and no residue will remain again.

4.     Remove nail polish: Are you all out of nail polish remover but do you really have to sort out your nails? Don’t despair! Instead of using nail polish remover, you can simply soak your nails in toothpaste and then rub it with a brush. Rinse under lukewarm water afterwards and all of the leftover nail polish will get away.

5.     Clean your piano: Should you own a piano, then you are probably familiar with the keys getting dirty. They are easy to clean with a toothbrush and some toothpaste. It is necessary that you don’t add any water, though, because it might seep into the piano and lead to damage. Instead, you should simply remove it with a soft, moist cloth when you are completely done with the brush and toothpaste.

6.     Remove stains from your carpet: Your carpet can also benefit from toothpaste even if you are not aware. Did you spill something there? Most stains can be removed with a bit of toothpaste, a clean cloth and some lukewarm water. There is no need to go out and buy expensive carpet cleaners or engage a professional to do it for you at home.

7.     Remove pencil marks from the wall: Sometimes, children have the somewhat annoying tendency to use their coloring pencils on the wall instead of their papers. When there is a wall covered by pencil marks, simply remove it by scrubbing them away with a brush and some toothpaste. The leftover paste can be removed with a wet cloth.

8.     Make your sneakers white again: It is undoubtedly a common problem: white sneakers becoming a little dingy after some time. You can clean the edges and soles of your white sneakers by scrubbing them with toothpaste and then removing it again with a soft, moist cloth.

9.     Freshen up your hands: Soaps are effective for several things, but are not a match for onion or garlic. After cutting a garlic or onion, your hands will smell pretty bad because the juice of these foods seep into the skin. You can smell it for hours afterwards! Luckily, this problem can be solved very easily by washing your hands with some toothpaste.

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