Mistakes You Are Making During Your Period

You are aware of the drill – aches, pains, moodiness, and several others. That is the moment you have your period and you can’t do anything about it. There is no one that wishes to make that time of the month even worse. However, are you aware that you could be engaging in poor menstrual cycle habits that are doing you no good?

In this article, we shall be revealing some mistakes that you should break free of during your period. They are as follows:

·        You don’t wash your hands at the right time: If you are just like most people, you wash your hands after inserting your tampon or changing your sanitary pad. But why do you fail to clean those hands before you start the actions? It is necessary to maintain clean hands to help protect your vagina from all the bacteria that you might have encountered during the day. Therefore, if you will be doing anything down there, wash your hands very well before doing so.

·        You don’t change your tampons or pads enough: For you to prevent leakages, you should change sanitary protection every few hours. This actually depends on your flow, check pads every two to four hours. Using the lowest-absorbency tampon, switch your tampon at least every four to eight hours. When you do this, it will help reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome which is a rare but life-threatening complication of certain types of bacterial infections. It is usually associated with the use of superabsorbent tampons.

·        You make use of scented products: Those artificially scented and fragrant powders, soaps, wipes, gels and other products are full of chemicals that can irritate everything down there. Therefore, save yourself some slack if you have a little odor when you are on your period. It is just your vagina’s way of keeping itself clean. When bathing, cleanse your internal parts with water and you can simply wash outer areas with all natural soaps that don’t have words like “fragrant” or “perfume” on the label or description.

·        You don’t proactively take pain relievers: If you wait till you are doubled over with cramps to take your meds, those pain relievers will be less effective than if you take them before the cramps hit you. Pain is easier to prevent when it is still mild or before it begins as opposed to when it is debilitating. Therefore, if your cycles are predictable and regular, take an anti-inflammatory drug one to two days before you expect your period to help prevent cramping.

·        You don’t get enough iron: When your body is craving for iron, you could possibly wish to go for hamburger during that time of the month. It is mostly common to have low level of iron during your period, because you are losing iron-rich blood. Irons assist to carry oxygen through the body, which offers the body the energy it needs. So, consider replenishing those iron levels by eating beans, red meats, dried apricots, oysters or spinach, or take supplements.

·        You take a lot of snacks: When you take a lot of snacks and want to be even more bloated. Then go for high-sodium snacks such as potato chips. The more salt you eat, the more water you will retain. Therefore, reduce consumption of salty foods during your period so you don’t have another thing making you bloated.

·        You don’t track your period: Charting your cycle isn’t only for women who are trying to conceive. When you track your period and the heaviness of your flow and pain level, you will be able to easily speak with your health care provider about what is going on with you. Also, you will have a better sense of what to expect physically and emotionally from week to week. You can check out several apps that will make the process easier for you.

·        You don’t get enough rest: When you have your period, your body is working overtime. And it needs a break in the form of sleep. Otherwise, you will be more anxious, crankier and prone to eating junk. Therefore, don’t be a hero and push through the pain. Instead, practice good sleep habits to help with your overall productivity and health.


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