Lemons can be Useful for So Many Several Things! Here are Seven Tricks We Didn’t Know About

In this article, we will be talking about seven handy tricks to using lemons. We have written about the benefits and hidden depths of lemons before, but we recently found out even more great uses for a simple lemon. Who knew this sour fruit could be so useful? We are astounded, that is obvious. You can just keep reading for seven handy DIY lemon tips.

Definitely, a simple lemon can be of great importance around the house!

1.     Cleaning the microwave: You can use lemon to clean your dirty and greasy microwave. Simply fill a bowl with water and add the juice and zest of one lemon. Heat this up for four minutes and then use the warm water to clean the microwave on the inside.

2.     Nail whitening: It is a general issue for women. Nails change colour due to too much nail polish. It doesn’t really look very pretty! Fortunately, there is a simple trick to get your nails back to their normal color (after taking the nail polish off, of course). Slice a lemon in two and use this to rub your nails. Your nails will look like themselves again afterwards!

3.     Repelling insects: There are several insects that dislike lemons such as ants and mosquitoes. Just mix the juice of a lemon together with some water, and pour this into a spray bottle and spray the mixture in several spots around your home. The insects will go away!

4.     Lemon detox: We have seen several articles around about the health benefits of drinking a glass of warm water with lemon every morning. It is said to help against constipation, prevent halitosis, detox your liver and make your skin glow. It sounds like it’s worth a try, right? Plus, it is tasty too.

5.     Cleaning a chopping board: We regularly use a chopping board to cut meat and vegetables on. Unfortunately, some bad smells can be left behind even after cleaning the board. A lemon can help us with this, though. Now rub half a lemon over the chopping board and you will kill the bacteria on there and get rid of the smells. It is so handy!

6.     DIY lemon and salt scrub: A face scrub can make your skin glow and make sure dead skin cells are removed. There is nobody that won’t want that after a few grey and gloomy winter months. Sadly, face scrubs are a bit expensive to get. Fortunately, it is very easy to make your own scrub. An added benefit: it doesn’t contain any irritating ingredients such as perfume and parabens. All you need are 200grams of sea salt, 250ml oil (olive, coconut, or almond) and 30ml of lemon juice. Gradually add the oil to the salt until it looks like a scrub. You can now mix the lemon juice through as well. Put the mixture in a nice jar and it would even make a nice gift.

7.     Get rid of nasty smell: You are aware of the deal: you have done some excellent cooking, but afterwards your hand smells like onion and garlic. Lemon is there for you! Rub lemon juice on your hands and the nasty smells will get away. Do make sure you don’t have any small wounds on your hands because that will sting like crazy.

Aren’t lemons amazing? If you are looking for more tips involving lemons, watch this video below:

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