How to Naturally Get Soft Pink Lips

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It is a common saying that the prettiest thing one can wear is the smile. The smile isn’t only about having shiny white teeth but also about your lips. Everybody usually desire to have soft, pink and luscious lips but somehow it seems like a very tall dream to achieve. You should be aware that your lips are more sensitive than you could ever imagine. Dry, chapped, and pigmented lips actually mean a lot about the overall health.

The lips deserve some extra care and attention so that they can be kept hydrated and restore their natural softness and smoothness. In this article, we shall be talking about few simple home remedies for naturally pink and soft lips.

At the beginning, let us firstly look at the actual causes of dry and pigmented lips so as the get enough insight into the issue.

Causes of Chapped and Pigmented Lips

Just as we have stated earlier, your lips are sensitive and delicate that you could imagine. The skin on your lips is thinner when compared to your face. Your lips don’t have any sweat glands, therefore there should be special care on a daily basis to keep them moisturized and look healthy. There are different causes of chapped and discolored lips and they include:

·        Excessive exposure to sunlight and pollution

·        Anemia

·        Unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, stress and poor diet

·        Dehydration – not drinking enough water

·        Too much caffeine intake

·        Use of expired lip products

·        Use of cheap quality products

·        Not removing makeup at night

It is now a general situation that we often tend to neglect all these factors and tend to forget keeping ourselves hydrated enough or wearing a lip balm that contain SPF in it. However, it is necessary to be mindful to protect our lips and prevent any damage that might occur to it.

Now, let us talk about homemade arrangements that can help you get pink lips naturally.

1.     Lip Balm and Wash Cloth/Tooth Brush Combo: This facemask is one of the most effective ways to help get rid of dry and chapped lips. It works wonder all time and it is better when you leave the lip balm on your lips over night.


·        A good quality lip balm

·        A soft toothbrush or wash cloth


Firstly apply a thick layer of lip balm all over your lips – it is advisable to do this at night. Then you can use a damp toothbrush to gently massage and exfoliate your lips to help remove dead skin immediately once you wake up. You can also use a damp wash cloth instead of a toothbrush.

2.     Pomegranate Seeds Mask: Pomegranate is a fruit in itself that has extensive health benefits. It contains a compound name “punicalagins” which inhibits melanin production and prevents lips from getting darker. You can simply use them to make your own fruity exfoliator. It does wonders for lightening dark lips and giving them a rosy touch.


·        Crushed pomegranate seeds

·        Cold milk cream


Slice open a pomegranate, get the seeds out and crush them up. Mix the crushed seeds with cream to get a good paste and apply it on clean lips. You should let it stay there for ten minutes before washing it with warm water.

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