Ginger Beer: Prevents Cancer, Treats Arthritis and Stomach!!!

You can use ginger to treat several forms of aliments. Ginger beer can be done easily even in the privacy of your own home using either fresh or dried ginger, some lemon, and a bit of sugar. Ginger is a very soothing ingredient for the body and it can be used to treat several conditions such as back and muscle pain. Most people suffering from chronic pain and arthritis can greatly benefit from it.

What you need to make ginger beer

·        200 grams of peeled ginger that has been finely chopped

·        450 ml of filtered water

·        225 grams sugar

·        115 ml sparkling water

·        Several drops of lemon juice

·        Lemon slices


You should firstly boil the filtered water, and then add ginger to it. Ensure you reduce the heat and cook it for 5 minutes. Let the mixture stand for 20 minutes. You can now stain the liquid from the ginger, and then dissolve the sugar in the filtered water.

Mix half a cup of the ginger juice with 1/3 cup of the sugar water. Add half cup of the sparkling water, then add the lemon juice. Garnish it with lemon slices.

Ginger is a great ingredient for your body. It is a perfect option for upset stomach and also a great aid for the digestive system. Ginger can help reduce high blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

It is also effective in treating colds and flu, and helps prevent cancer. Ginger can also aid the improvement of blood circulation in the body.


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