Four Ways to Open a Wine Bottle without Using a Corkscrew

You can do it effectively without the use of corkscrew. After a long day at work, some days all you want when you arrive home is a nice glass of red. When you have people coming over you also want to be able to offer them a good wine. When you have carefully selected a nice bottle of wine only to come home to realize your corkscrew is missing, you are not going to be a happy camper. Therefore, what is the next thing to do now? Just offer them a glass of water? No need, because there are tons of ways you can use to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

With a key

You can very easily screw the cork from a bottle using a key. Push your key carefully into the cork at an angle. Try to push it in as far as you can. Hold the bottle with one hand and then begin to turn the key. Keep turning while you slowly pull the key upwards; this way, you will be unscrewing the cork.


You will be able to find a couple of nails, a screwdriver and a hammer in pretty much every toolbox. Get one screw, a screwdriver and a hammer and you will be able to open a bottle of wine. What is the next thing to do? Carefully screw the screw into the cork using the screwdriver and ensure you let about three centimeters of the screw stick out of the cork. Use the back of the hammer to pull the screw (and thus also the cork) out of the bottle.

Wooden spoon

For this trick, you push the cork in the bottle without breaking the cork. Simply get a wooden spoon with a thin handle. Push the cork down with the handle and before you know it the cork inside the bottle and you can pour out of the wine with ease.


“You can never have too many shoes,” is a sentence many shoe lovers must have spoken at some point. Indeed, shoes are multifunctional and this trick proves that yet again. Sit down on a chair and place the bottle upside down between your knees. Clamp the bottle tightly. You can also take a shoe with a flat sole and use the sole to smack the bottom of the bottle. Simply continue to repeat this until the cork starts to loosen. Place the bottle upright again when the cork almost comes out and then simply pull it out.

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