EXCLUSIVE: Ilorin Child Cruelty And Battery Scandal Against Magistrate Dupe Qudus And Husband Untrue

The story making the round about Child cruelty and battery allegation against the persons of Magistrate Dupe Qudus and her husband has been discovered not only to be fallacious, unfounded and spurious but also false and untrue. The story was confirmed to be concocted as a calculated attempt at maligning the personality of the Magistrate for refusing to bow to negative pressure in the discharge of her duties as a Judicial Officer.

This was established in a video clipby Mrs. Bilikis Kehinde, the mother of the 7 year old minor, Muslimat Sanusi (that was allegedly blinded and crippled), during a press interview.

According to the Mother, she was the one that beat her child on account of stealing and when interrogated by the officers and men of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, she maintained same even against the pressure and coercion from International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) to indict her aunt, Magistrate Dupe Qudus, at all cost, for material gratification.

She debunked the fallacy in the July 15th2021 post by Foundation for Investigative Journalism (https://fij.ng/article/nscdc-shielding-kwara-magistrate-who-domestically-abuse-two-kids/) and that of July 26th 2021 by Insider News (https://insiderng.net/exclusive-ilorin-magistrate-dupe-qudus-husband-indicted-in-child-cruelty-battery-scandal/ that Magistrate Dupe Qudus and husband are indicted in the case as they never beat nor cut her child with razor blade. She established the fact that her child, Muslimat Akeem was habitually stealing and when she was trying to punish her with cane while the duo of the Magistrate and her husband was not around she stood up at her and the cane hit her in the eyes making the eyes to swell the following day-an incident that made her aunt (the Magistrate) and her husband rebuke her and call for a medical checkup and assistance for the child.

Contrary to the rumour maliciously cooked and spread by the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) under the auspices of one Mrs Gloria Okoduwa, a Legal Practitioner, through the two platforms mentioned above, Muslimat Akeem’s eye was not partially blinded neither did she have broken legs. The eyes swell as a result of the cane that hit her.

Corroborating this fact, Muslimat Sanusi, the 7 year old minor allegedly blinded and crippled, revealed that her eyes were not blinded and her legs were not broken. According to her, ‘VIGILANTE’ (Civil Defence Corps Officer) and the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) (under the leadership of the Chairperson, Mrs. Gloria Okoduwa) asked her to feign it so they can implicate ‘big daddy’ and ‘big Mummy’. The mark in her hand was also confirmed by the Mother, Bilikis Kehinde and the Victim, Muslimat Sanusi to be traditional mark, done by the Mother when the daughter was small to protect her from incessant fainting.It was also confirmed that there was never a time, Muslimat and her younger Sister slept outside the house.         

Making exposition into how it all happened, Muslimat Sanusi hinted that our correspondent that  on the following day her mother beat her, she was standing at the balcony of the house  Mr. Ahmad Muhammad O., the Ustaz leading Madrasat in Ajike Estate), Irewolede area, Ilorin (who is not even a resident of the estate) approached and asked her what happened to her. Upon narrating her case that the mother beat her, she was asked if Magistrate Dupe Qudus and her husband beat her, too, but she insisted that it was her mother that single-handedly beat her for stealing. The Ustaz then told her that he will call “VIGILANTE”(Civil Defence) to come and take her. That was how Civil Defence officer came to pick her (without the knowledge of the Magistrate, her husband and her mother)forcing her to pretend that her legs are broken.

Investigation into the background of the case revealed that Magistrate Dupe Qudus and her husband accommodated her sister cousin by name Bilikis Kehinde with her two children in her house for proper upbringing, the names of the children are Muslimat Sanusi and Jumai Akeem. They have been living in their house for many years now without any problem, taking care of their basic responsibilities by sending the Children to private schools and securing gainful employment (based on her qualifications) for the mother. They never had issue with the mother nor the children themselves let alone maltreating them. However, on the 14th June, 2021, the Magistrate husband was called on phone by men of the Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps from the Kwara State Command that they have in custody, two minors, by name Muslimat Sanusi and Jumai Akeem whom they had taken from his house on a tip off from a concerned neighbor. All enquiries by the husband fell into the deaf ears of the officers of the Corps as he was asked to come to their office for any briefings on the issue. Meanwhile, the Magistrate and her husband, in ensuring Justice takes its natural course, took the children’s mother, Bilikis Kehinde to the Kwara State Command of the Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps. Upon arrival, the children’s mother was thoroughly interrogated and eventually detained on the allegations of cruelty to children and causing grievous hurt.

All statements made by Balkis Kehinde did not indict Magistrate Dupe Qudus-Olawale and her husband(even in the face of coercion by the Chairperson and Exco members of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA)) as against the fake news spread by Foundation For Investigative Journalism and Insider platforms. It was also gathered that throughout the investigation, Magistrate Dupe Qudus was never invited by officers of the Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps for

anything in relation to the case or accused/alleged of commission of any crime against the children till the mother of the Children was arraigned in court.

However, one Anthonia Erinfolami-Daniel, a legal practitioner in Ilorin who is working on the instruction of Mrs. Gloria O. Oko Duwa and Mojirola H. Ibiyemi and who purport to also be acting for International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) maliciously and out of sheer jealousy addressed the press in the spirit of “bring her down at all cost” making spurious and untamed criminal allegations against Magistrate Dupe Qudus, portraying her as a criminal and a person unfit to hold public position, even when the matter is pending in court-an attitude which is uncautionable and unbecoming of the status of a responsible body of legal practitioners.

Meanwhile, Anthonia Erinfolami-Daniel, in a bid to maliciously sell her spurious allegation to the public, serially lied against Magistrate Dupe Qudus and her husband, apart from baselessly claiming that they committed the crime which discreet investigation never revealed. These claims and many more in the publication are the heights of shamelessness as the Magistrate and her husband never committed any crime nor file any case in this regard.


Investigation further revealed that Mr. Bode Silas, the O/C, Legal of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps confirmed to the management of the Kwara State Judiciary, High Court, Ilorin, that all investigation into the case never indicted Magistrate Dupe Qudus or husband. According to him, Balkis Kehinde wrote two statements that were torn coercing her to write another one to implicate the Magistrate and her husband. He hinted that when there was nothing to indict Magistrate Dupe Qudus and her husband, the Corps decided to press criminal charges against Balkisi Kehinde in the Court after detaining her for four days at the NSCDC headquarters, Ilorin regardless of thepressure from International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) to join the Magistrate in the suit.

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