Do You Suffer from Dry Hands? These are Ways to Easily Get Rid of Dryness

It is a great thing to always wash our hands regularly as it offers medical benefits to our health; however it takes its toll in another area. Due to the intensive use of soap and water, a lot of us now walk around with dry or wrinkled hands. Luckily, there are simple ways to get your dry hands soft and supple again. We have listed them below:

1.     Make lubrication part of your washing routine: You should wash your hands for twenty seconds between the fingers and up to the wrist, and dry them with a clean cloth. The step-by-step hand washing routine has been well memorized in recent months. Meanwhile, it is recommended that you add an extra step to it: using hand cream. Always have a jar of hand cream or Vaseline ready near the wash basin and rub your hands every time after drying. This way, they will stay baby-soft.

2.     Choose a hand cream without perfume and alcohol: Before you can use a hand cream, it is necessary to take a look at what nature of product you actually want to use. There are hand creams with perfume and alcohol which aren’t good for your hands. It is because their ingredients can dry your skin even more. Ingredients such as honey, aloe vera and snail slime, on the other hand, are quite fantastic for the skin. Don’t you have hand cream at home? In general, face cream also works wonder on your hands. Finally, you should note that the sun’s rays can cause rapid aging of the skin, so for smooth and soft hands, you should protect yourself by avoiding excessive exposure to the sun.

3.     Take a beauty sleep: By this, we just mean at night! You should simply coat your hands with a thick layer of cream and put on cotton gloves before you sleep. In the next morning, you will observe that your hands are hydrated. You can simply get cotton gloves at the drugstore or pharmacy.

4.     Warm your hands: Warm hands enhance better blood flow. This blood flow indirectly ensures renewal of the skin cells and a stronger connective tissue. Warmer hands are therefore retaining more moisture and dry out less quickly. So, occasionally shake your hands to start blood flow or rub your hands to warm them.

5.     Don’t use too many disinfectant gels: These gels usually have high levels of alcohol which is meant to kill bacteria but the alcohol also dries out the hands severely. Avoiding hand gel altogether may not be a good idea now that you want to sanitize your hands regularly, but choosing water and soap more often is more appropriate for the skin.

6.     Wear household gloves: Washing the hands isn’t only the thing that dries out the hands. Some household chores such as washing dishes and cleaning windows have the same effect. Should you have velvety hands, it is recommended to use household gloves or of course leave the dishes for you partner.

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