8 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack before It Happens, according to Scientists

A lot of people suffer from panic attack most time and it is really a dangerous issue. In most cases, they are misunderstood, and people that usually suffer from pain attack are seen to be dramatic by others. This might actually be erroneous, panic attacks are often ugly incident and when you are in grip of one, it is a serious issue to talk about.

Panic attack is caused as a result of a perceived threat, real or otherwise. It is accompanied by some symptoms such as shivering, sweating, shallow breathing, shaking, and other unpleasant feelings. Panic attack is a situation whereby there is a great fear in you with regards sudden incidence. Typical example is how you feel when you had a near miss while driving or hydroplaning on a wet road, or almost collide with another driver when driving. Those situations will bring you feelings and fear that will change your moods. The feeling you are experiencing at such point is what it feels like to be in the midst of a panic attack.

It is a statement of fact that we all experience a panic attack at a point in time or the other in our lives. It might be due to actual dangerous situation or threat, or any kind of extremely stressful situation. In case you start to feel panic attack regularly for no reason and end up affecting your brain negatively, then it is safe to say that you are having a panic disorder, unfortunately.

However, there is a solution to the menace; you can get through life uninhibited by panic attacks with some ways that are listed below.

1.     Do Self-Massaging the scalp: It might not be your interest to have a cool massage any moment things become tense for you or probably when you are a bit stressful or feeling nervous but research has made it explicit that massage offer great benefits and can shift a person’s biochemistry. According to a study, the cortisol levels will be significantly reduced whilst dopamine and serotonin are increase dramatically due to massage therapy!

If you are in a situation whereby a panic attack is likely to occur, just make use of self-massage in form of a nice scalp massage. Tension is usually reduced with scalp massages and there will be increase in blood flow to the brain.

2.      Take Deep Breaths: Deep breathing is a great technique that is used for relieving stress and induce relaxation by most people. Slow controlled breathing can have a calming effect on the general nervous system of the body. Most of stress relieving techniques that incorporate deep breathing usually include breath moving, resistance breathing, and coherent breathing. They are all effective in stimulating the vagus nerve that provides relief due to the release of hormones and enzymes which include prolactin, acetylcholine, oxytocin, and vasopressin. When you start to feel a strange sign of perceiving panic attack, don’t stress yourself a lot, just endeavor to simply take slow, full, lung-filling breaths. You should hold it for few seconds and slowly exhale. You will notice relief so soon!

3.     Give it a shake: Shaking is a process that is often done by most animals when they escaped from a dangerous situation. Human beings might be lost on such scope due to the nature of risk we face but it is a great way to scale through. Anytime you are feeling a bit nervous, just try to shake about a little bit and you will be able to overcome panic attack quickly.

4.     Listen to binaural beats or waves: Binaural beats are a form of technology that has great effects on the ability to control pain and even mood. It will help you reduce anxiety and can even improve symptoms of children that are suffering from ADHD. You can simply download few binaural beats or just some ocean sounds to your mobile phone and anytime you perceive a panic attack, just try to relax and calm your mind with the sounds. You will feel much better after few minutes.

5.     Distract yourself: Panic attack can occur when we have anxious thinking. It implies that we significantly contribute to the panic attack we experience. When you are able to distract yourself from the anxiety-inducing thoughts, you can be able to avoid panic attack. It is recommended to read a book or play a game or probably organize whilst clean the house or compound in order to distract yourself from anxious thoughts. Simply do anything you are capable of doing just to distract yourself. It is a serious skill that everyone needs to practice in order to avoid panic attack better.

6.     Try splashing cold water on your face: Splashing cold water to your face is a great way to opt for a jarring change of perspective. It is revealed according to research studies that the parasympathetic system is stimulated by the cold water immersion of one’s face. The process of splashing water on your face will stimulate the vagus nerve due to the area behind our eyes that are especially responsive.

7.     Try performing Yoga (Rabbit Pose): If you are a good lover of yoga, make it a trial with rabbit pose. If you are opportune to have little free time and in a private setting, the rabbit pose is a great deal to do. It simply involves sitting on your heels, knees and feet together and ensures to reach behind you to grab your heels. This is a better way to offer relief from stress and anxiety. The pose will work very well in relieving tension around your back, neck and shoulders. It also promotes blood flow to the brain. All those importance do offer panic-mitigating effects.

8.     Try ice packs: In case you are somebody that usually experience pain attacks while at home, it is time to consider keeping a few ice packs at the ready right inside your freezer. Any time you are feeling an imminent panic attack, just place a couple against your lower back while holding a few more in your hands and you will be able to notice relief from stress and anxiety that might be coming over you. After a minute of this process, you can move on to some slow breathing and in the next few minutes, panic and anxiety will likely to have passed.


Panic attacks are serious situation that can affect anybody. But a panic disorder is a debilitating condition to be dealt with. You can engage in some techniques that will help you provide relief to panic and stress as being discussed in the article. Keep these techniques in the back of your mind and anytime panic is starting to set in, give them a go and free yourself from stress!


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